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App Features

Read information about an anime

This includes information like voice actors, theme songs, average score, rating, broadcast day, adaptions, sequels etc.

Find Similar Anime from shows

Get recommendations from other MyAnimeList users

Random Anime button

Don't know what to watch next? Use the Random Anime button and the app will pick a show from your list!

And more, such as:

* Find anime discussions on Reddit

* Look up anime songs and listen to them

* Search for shows based on filters

* See the schedule of your favorite Anime

* Quickly see how long it takes before the next episode airs

* Bulk delete shows from your profile

* Cleanup your MyAnimeList profile

* Don't know what to watch? Use the Random Anime button

* Find which characters play in a show and who their voice actors are.

* Save a list of your favorite anime characters

* Add notes to episodes you have watched

* See a list of all popular, ongoing and airing anime shows, movies and OVAs

* See what other people are watching